Our memories define us. That’s what we believe. So, we’re determined to make good ones together with you. That’s AJE!

What else do we believe? We are certain that if you have never been to Japan that you should come. We are sure that if you have never met people from outside of Japan that you should most definitely join us. We know that it’s important to swim in a river, to visit Chichibu and Morioka, to discover why rockets fly and how robots think, to eat wankosoba (and hamburgers), to learn to curl, to navigate, to laugh, and to make others laugh. We believe that you should understand how to make movies, music, and bridges too. And we really think you should try archery …and tap dancing! We know that if you haven’t belayed or slept in a yurt, you should. And, yes, we’re sure you should join us in our camps and continuing adventure programs in Japan… Let’s AJE!

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Upcoming Events

  • It’s Time to Register for Summer Camp!

    Don’t miss out! Send in your registration for our 2017 AJE Summer Camp now. The fun begins July 17th, and finishes August 18th. Click here for more information and to register.

  • Don’t Forget to Register Your Child for Action Saturdays!

    Our continuing Action Saturdays Program at our Waseda location has seats available for children 12 months to 8 years old. Sign up your child and let them learn to AJE! Click here for more information and to register.

News & Announcements

  • 3rd Annual Nadia-Tohoku U12 Soccer Friendly

    On July 16th, 60 young soccer stars representing 4 Tohoku teams will be arriving by Bullet Train at Tokyo station. Over the weekend that follows, they will join in friendship and competition with 80 more kids representing local and international teams. Let the fun begin! Learn More.

  • AJE in the Tokyo Weekender!

    AJE was recently profiled in the Tokyo Weekender Magazine with a focus on how AJE helps expand children’s horizons: Since 2013, Aoba-Japan’s innovative Extension Program has been adding to its lineup, and over the last year they’ve held spring, summer, autumn and winter camps, as well as two sports camps. Click here to see more!