About Us - Our Team

Our team of dedicated instructors believes in the mandate and spirit that underpins all AJE programs. All are qualified through education, training, and experience in their fields. Our coaches are internationally certified, our teachers are seasoned and licensed pros, and our instructors are professional in their fields. Each brings unique talents, experiences, and dispositions each day. This helps us achieve unique energy and diversity in our approaches to inspiring our students.

Team Members: The AJE People!

There are a lot of really important people who make AJE special for a lot of reasons. We’d like to introduce you to a few who will again be with us through the 2017 season.

  • Meet Tyler. He loves basketballs…and he’s got some game too. He’s head chef at Spring Camp, basketball coach during the Summer Fall, and Mid-Winter Camps, and a really fast skier.
  • Say “Hi” to Aiko! Without her we’d all be lost. She’s the one who keeps everything organized for us. She’s been to Cambodia…and she really likes chocolate!
  • Meet Nico. He drives a scooter. He was a professional soccer player in France…and was in fact on the U18 French national team! He’s got his coaching licenses in Japan, and he is the best soccer coach we know.
  • And here’s Brice. Brice lived in Mongolia and worked for the Red Cross. He loves the outdoors and knows lots of things about language, science, technology. His students are really lucky!
  • Satoko-sensei is our jazz dance teacher. She is an amazing choreographer and used to work on a Broadway show called Cats! Every year she makes special things happen at AJE. You should see our kids dance!
  • We also have a teacher named Martin. Martin’s from England. He’s one of our Action Saturday teachers and all the kids love him. He’s been a teacher at almost every summer camp we’ve had, and he’s really good at BBQ’ing!

  • Next is Ms. Faye. You can find her every Saturday teaching in our Action Saturdays Program. She’s one of our Summer Camp teachers too. Ms. Faye is so good with children its nuts. We recommend you meet her.
  • Say “Hi” to Erika! She loves music and acting. She’s keen to work with kids. You can see her at Action Saturday’s with the kids!

  • Say “Hi” to Yurie! She loves to interact with people. Yurie is really into hip hop dance. You can find her working as a Location Manager at Meguro on Saturdays

There are so many people we would like to introduce to you who have helped make AJE what it is, and the list just keeps going on…

Sam, Aya, Honami, Mark, Alex, Ara, Michelle, Maria, Harsha, Michelle, Atsushi, Gizelle, Sarah, Sean, and more…