About Us - Social Conscience

AJE strives to equip, empower, and engage people in ways that help them improve their lives, confront and manage challenges, and improve their ability to be effective stewards of the communities and environments within which they live.

In that effort, an important feature of all AJE programs is the integration of learning events that stretch students’ zones of comfort. We introduce them to people, places, concepts, and activities that are not necessarily part of their day to day lives. By doing so we help them realize the variety and richness that surrounds them, and how challenges are, in essence, unpolished opportunities. The notion that we wish to instill is this:

The more we think we know, the more there remains to discover.

In this effort, AJE is currently partnered with an organization borne in the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. Nadia began as one person’s desire to help… something emblematic of the mission of AJE. Nadia has since grown to become an organization that creates and provides hope through enabling community spirit, support, and infrastructure for those affected by devastation. AJE proudly contributes to this cause as hosts and co-organizers of what has since 2015 become an annual event: the Nadia-Tohoku International Soccer Friendly.

Nadia: Hands don’t have Nationalities!

“Nadia was born late March 2011 from a spontaneous reaction between shock and empathy resulting from the dramatic 3.11 natural disasters in the Tohoku area of Japan,

Nadia is an international volunteers group focusing on helping the recovery of devastated areas, mainly in Miyagi prefecture,

Nadia has limited means but has been trying to federate the energy of those who are looking for a way to participate in a direct and transparent manner.”

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