About Us - What is AJE?

AJE programs provide communication-immersion experiences that inspire physical, mental, emotional, and leadership growth through appreciation and respect for community, interaction, international awareness, and inspired action. Underlying all AJE programs is one primary directive: the application of meaningful communication, in context. AJE strives to equip, empower, and engage people in ways that help them improve their lives, confront and manage challenges, and improve their ability to be effective stewards of the communities and environments within which they live. Throughout, they discover how fun and rewarding it is to do so!

What is AJE?

AJE programs are designed to be fun, educational, and inspirational. Our activities require participants to challenge themselves in real, but forgiving and supportive environments. We offer three kinds of experiences:

  • Seasonal Camps
  • Continuing Programs
  • Annual Events

All AJE programs revolve around themes of communication, inclusion, culture, sports, friendship, and new experiences. Classes align with focuses in four broad areas: geography, society, technology, engineering, and the arts. Through effective communication, students learn how to better decipher and understand the world around them in both simulated and real situations.

AJE’s intention is to draw from students what they already know, to instill in them the confidence to use that knowledge, and to provide them with new and practical skills and abilities that are relevant, empowering, and inspirational. Classes are student-centered. Learners decode and accomplish tasks with one another while the teachers act as guides, observers, and coaches.