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AJE After School Program at Mitaka is Now in Session

On Monday AJE After School Program was launched at the Aoba Bi-lingual Mitaka location. Day 1 and 2  featured soccer tots, drama kids, little creators, and English skills. For the rest of the week there will be dance, ballet, and others. The teachers are having a lot of fun with the kids and are eager to welcome more to the new location. For more information about the After School Program click here! 


This year Aoba in partnership with Nadia will be hosting the 3rd annual Nadia Tohoku Tournament from June 16th-18th. This year’s tournament will look to build off of last year’s momentum. There will be cheerleaders, a professional soccer clinic, bbq, soccer, and a whole lot of fun. Volunteers will come together to bring the most fun and competitive tournament yet. For more details click here.