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Welcome to our New Website

AJE is happy to welcome to you to our new website! Our new website features a range of programs and activities that include our seasonal camps, action Saturday’s program, and the Nadia Tohoku Tournament. We have galleries and videos of all our events for your viewing pleasure. In addition, we will have blogs and news article that you can follow to gain a deeper insight on what our mission is. Please enjoy our site and click on our social media links for more visual stories about AJE.

AJE Spring Adventure Camp

This AJE held its 1st ever Spring adventure at Nagatoro located on the Tama River. The campers had a great time hiking, mountain climbing, shooting archery, wall climbing, and whole host activities in nature. It was a week-long adventure that had the campers fast asleep on trip home. There will be another adventure in the spring of 2018, please click here to view our previous camp and get information about the next one.