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AJE Summer Camp Week 1 Highlights

Week 1 was full of fun!!!

The 5th annual AJE summer camp kicked off with a bang. Campers arrived and were assessed and placed into classes and continents for activities.

Campers experienced the following during the 1st week:

  • Orientation and Assessment
  • Fun in the pool to beat the heat
  • Made continental flags
  • Flying drones
  • Media content
  • Trip to the Tama Zoo and Chi Chi Boo Forest Adventure Park
  • Multi-media production classes
  • Archery
  • Performances from Pirates of the Carribean and Nobukato’s tap dance.


AJE Winter Camp

At the AJE Winter Camp kids get to enjoy fun winter activities. Last winter camp there was snow caves, skiing, noodle eating contest, ice skating, and more. Up in the mountains of Iwate a fun day of skiing ended with onsen was one of the main highlights. But most importantly the community of Iwate welcomed us with a great performance and dinner. Our kids learned a lot about building friendship and relationship.