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AJE After School Program, Mitaka

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AJE After School Program

AJE Extension opens in Mitaka on April 2nd,  2018.

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The afterschool program at Mitaka is an Aoba-Japan Extension program that focuses on Action Learning. The intention is to provide children with the ability to learn language in use, in context, and in real world situations. All of the lessons and activities are delivered by profesisonal teachers in their particular fields, including profesisonal international martial artists, atheletes, and dancers, as well as highly skills educators in language learning, technical sciences, and social sciences.

Format Classes are in two age groups:

Little Kids (3 & 4 year olds) 14:30-15:15

Big Kids (5 to 8 year olds.) 14:30-16:55

Classes & Registration


  • Soccer Tots 
  • Drama
  • Little Defenders 


  • Little Creators 
  • English Skills 


  • Little Athletes
  • AJE 88 Hip Hop Dance Group 


  • Ballet 
  • Tiny Scientists 


  • Cheer Dance 
  • Music 

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