Our Programs - Seasonal Camps

In Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter!

AJE Camps offer youth a variety of educational and experiential programs that reflect the seasons during which they are offered. Camps cater to students from kindergarten to eighteen years old, and participants engage in a variety of activities that include:

  • Communication in an international context,
  • Participation in fun and challenging activities and experiences, and
  • Challenges in situations that require cooperation, thoughtfulness, interaction, and discovery.
  • Spring Adventure Camp

    Outdoor engagement is an important part of everything that happens during the Spring Adventure Camp. Students learn how to interact with nature for life, leisure, and awareness. Learn more

  • Kids and Teens Summer Camp

    The Summer Camp is AJE’s flagship program. It offers youth a fun, challenging, and unique educational experience that runs from mid July to mid August. Learn more

  • Winter Discovery Camp

    Winter conditions define the ways people experience the season: the foods they eat, the cultures they practice, the beliefs they hold, and the things they do. Learn more

  • Sports Training Camp

    AJE Sports Camps (each October and February) are one-week training camps help at the school. They are dedicated to improve players abilities. Learn more