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AJE Spring Adventure Camp 2018

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AJE Spring Adventure Camp

Registration for 2018 Spring Camp Now Closed

Outdoor engagement is an important part of everything that happens during the Spring Adventure Camp. Students learn how to interact with nature for life, leisure, and awareness. The goal is for students to become thoughtful in their interaction with the outdoors and to learn to recognize how anything within a natural context can have a helpful or essential role in life and living. The AJE Spring Adventure Camp provides these learning experiences through two core program emphases: “Experience Nature” and “Fun in Nature.” Experience Nature sessions involve theory, practice, and outdoor application. These activities include survival, first aid, and other outdoor skills. Fun in Nature sessions provide both theory and practical learning experiences in activities that include slack lining, rope work, archery, orienteering, and more. Spring Adventure Camp also includes the fun stuff you’d typically expect from a “camp” environment: campfires, marshmallows, barbecues, stargazing, and more… activities most meaningful when done in the great outdoors.

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Age Range: 6-18


Registration ¥15,000

Tuition ¥120,000

Non-Resident ¥25,000

Dates: Mar. 25-30, 2019

Program Location

  • Outdoor Camp in Nagatoro, Saitama, (map)