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AJE Winter Discovery Camp

Winter conditions define the ways people experience the season: the foods they eat, the cultures they practice, the beliefs they hold, the sports they play, the things they do, and the values they hold. During the AJE Winter Discovery Camp, students participate in a wide variety of language learning, arts, crafts, sports, field trips and more, all geared to help them learn about the winter season and its impact on people. This camp includes a significant excursion during which students enjoying a week away skiing, participating in winter sports, experiencing Japanese as well as international winter culture, snow play, food, entertainment, and much more. Students are involved in Japanese traditions such as odori dance, soba and mocha making, and Japanese onsen culture. They skate, ski, snowboard, learn to play ice hockey, learn how to curl, snowshoe, and how to make snow caves. Above all, they make new friends, and they participate in a community-building experience that leave them with a lifetime of memories and ideas.

Registeration TBA

Age Range:

Kids Camp: 6-18


Registration ¥15,000

Tuition ¥150,000

Dates: TBA

Program Location

  • Iwate, Japan (map)